Final Video Story

            For my class, My Story On The Web we have been tasked with creating a video story using what we have learned to do in Premier Pro. To begin, I decided on the topic: “The first hardcore or metal concert you ever attended?” A question I thought would be a fun little light into another aspect of counter-culture. For the filming I went to a concert at The Agora in downtown Cleveland and was able to get great footage of such hardcore bands as, Rotting Out, Candy, and Stick To Your Guns. I knew that I would use this footage as my B-roll in strategic places around Koby’s answering. I also decided to go with a two-camera method because I thought it would make the video a little less stale for lack of a better way to put it. This video I’m putting up now is super bare-bones and I plan to add a backing track, more video footage of Koby, and further edits to the text boxes at the beginning. I would also like to add my logo to the top right corner of the entirety of the video. After that I need to go and rewatch some of the tutorials to better grasp the audio editing features. I wasn’t quite able to get the automatic ducking features to work and once I refresh myself ill utilize them. For now I just did the classic G-hotkey to get to the gain reduction and I messed with every clip until things were as even as possible. Initially the volume of the concert videos was much, much, louder than the volume of the interviews. I will also add name titles and a good outro text sequence and ending credits that cite the bands used.

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