Audio Final Story

The hardest part about this project i have been assigned for, My Story on the Web, was deciding what exactly i wanted to talk about, and who I was going to talk about it with. In the end it seemed only fitting that i asked the question: “When was the first time you ever felt out of step?”

I chose my friend Koby to help answer the question because he is an incredibly unique individual that I know has struggled with this very topic for years. I decided I would try to format my Audio Story in a similar way to how I have often noticed NPR to format their shorter broadcast segments. For example it can be noted that the music is woven between pauses in the conversation, as well as in strategic places for dramatic effect, all of this being cues I took from NPR. The music stays consistent throughout all of the actual conversation, just low and non-distracting like elevator music as it plays during your conversation with a stranger.

Picking the music posed a bit of a problem for a couple reasons. Mainly it was difficult to find a good library of royalty free music that didn’t have strange tags at the beginning or middle stating “This is a sample track,” in a robotic voice. Eventually I found a great library of chillhop instrumental beats and i pounced on it. I had always planned on using something with a beat to it, and to find a very calm selection of hiphop tracks was a blessing. After a few minutes i found one i liked, and from there the only challenge was lining it up strategically with the conversation to emphasize shifts in topic, mood, or tone.

To edit the draft i decided to take the pointers all of my classmates had given me and I adjusted most of the levels in the recording to flow more evenly with each other, and to fade out in more efficient ways that didn’t interfere with the speaking portions of the track.

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