Final Logo

For my class, My Story on the Web, we have been tasked with creating a logo with Illustrator to represent the theme of our blogs. For the logo, I knew I wanted something extremely simple and easily read. I also wanted to use something that represented people in a way that everyone could identify with. I ended up deciding on the hand with a question mark painted on the palm, as a sort of symbol for human diversity; the question mark representing individuality. To make the design happen, I started off by making an incredibly crude, cartoonish, hand out of ovals with the ellipse tool. From there I began adding points with the pen tool, and manipulating their curvatures with the direct selection tool, essentially molding the hand from the ovals as if they were clay. After achieving the desired silhouette of a hand, I used the pen tool to draw lines across the fingers and palms to look like the creases on a human hand. I then altered the stroke of the lines to look ragged and more like actual human wrinkles. Next I decided to add in the name of the blog beneath the palm after I had seen a few other bloggers do similar things with their own logos. I used the curvature to tool to draw out a rough semi-circle beneath the hand and used the type tool to add the name of the blog along the path. I also used the type tool to do the question mark on the hand. In the end I have decided to keep my hand almost the exact same way I created it from the first draft logo post. To be honest, my original idea was substantially different, and the current hand I have pictured took quite a bit of time. I have decided to keep the question mark as it was, because it seemed to fit better than what I could’ve drawn myself. I was thinking about adding a gradient but decided against it. The only real change I made was the addition of the stars. I did this mostly for flare, but also out of some corny, yet sentimental idea I remember from Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse: the idea that some people resemble leaves in the way the wind and nature pushes them about, while others resemble stars that move along their own path, unaffected by earthly matters. In some way I think such an idea perfectly embodies what it means to be walking out of step with society.

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