About the Blog (First Post!)

Welcome, one and all, to the Out Of Step blog for strange things and outliers of society! As previously stated, this blog will be for any and all things, “out of the norm”, a topic I chose with the intention of expanding my own horizons, as well as everyone else’s that cares to read. I plan to use social media, and personal contacts to find some of the most interesting people, places, and things that I can gain access to; particularly around Northeast Ohio. Hopefully this means that, in the near future, I will have some interesting video footage, photos, audio recordings, etc. to share with you all. For example: I would much like to do a video story soon about people in the world that have put themselves through serious body modification, like tongue splitting and things of that nature. I would also like to do an audio story or two with someone who entered into their field of work through unconventional means, like a chemist who started at their company as a janitor (no that is not the exact scenario I am hoping for, however it would be amazing). I’ve been heavily inspired by communal sites like The Berrics, a site that brought together the skateboard community by offering them a place to share their own ideas, and experience new skating content on a daily basis from more than just one skate mag., or skate team at a time; as well as sites like BME with their “Modblog” page, and Youtube channels like “Defunctland“, that sheds light on abandoned, and forgotten themed attractions (i.e. the Nickalodeon Hotel). My aim is to bring together a community of freaks, geeks, and weirdos, to all commiserate and share ideas proudly. I would be more than ecstatic to capture the communal effect of sites like The Berrics, and offer a safe place for some weird and fun discussion. Join me!


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